A Person I Will Never Forget

Maggie was my neighbor four years ago. I still don´t remember her surname. I first met her the day I lost my hockey ball.

Her physical appearance wasn´t something to blame her for, she was in her mid-fifties. She had an oval face with two almond-shaped eyes. She was short and plump.

Maggie´s personality was amazing. She was a generous person and very honest. A nice, good-natured lady. She was very interesting, every time I visited her, she used to tell my sister and me nature facts and useful facts of life. Maggie was very cheerful and helpful.

This old lady loved her garden at the back yard. She was always in there. She also had a turtle called Pipo.  The turtle always had a flag pasted on his shell so he wouldn´t get lost.

However, I haven´t seen her anymore since 2009. I would like to see her again.

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