Tenses 1º

The following is the first exercise in “tenses” that Laura, our language teacher, have us to do.

1. They HAVE BEEN in Chicago for 20 years (be).

2. I HAVE SEEN a wonderful film in the cinema last night. (see)

3. The sun RISED at 6:38 yesterday morning (rise)

4. The sun SHINES when the climber reached Mount Everest. (shine)

5. I promise that I WON´T TELL this secret to anyone (not tell)

6. Unfortunately, just as we got to the airport their plane HAD TOOK off (take).

7. They GO to the movies only once in a while (go)

8. I was tired yesterday because I COULDN´T SLEEP well the night before (not sleep).

9. Sh! Someone IS LISTENING to our conversation (listen)!

10. When I left the house this morning, it WAS ALREADY RAINING (already rain)

11. I think Bob IS LEAVING for London this very moment.(leave)

12. The plane IS TAKING off in a few minutes. (take)

13. I GET up at 7 every morning but this morning I SLEPT long and I

COULDN´T GET up until 8. (get, sleep, not get)

14. I AM NOT WEARING  my watch because it is being fixed (not wear).

15. This IS an easy quiz so far (be).

16. They ARE LIVING in an apartment right now because they can’t find a cheap house. (live)

17. Everyone WAS SLEEPING when the earthquake hit the small town. (sleep)

18. She WAS LIVING by herself since her divorce (live)

19. I was angry that I HAD MADE such a stupid mistake (make).

20. I predict that by 2020, man WOULD HAVE LANDED on Mars (land)

21. He HAD QUITED his job a couple of years ago. (quit)

22. Our daughter HASN´T GRADUATED from the university yet (gradate).

23. They COULDN´T SEND any Christmas cards last year (not send)

24. She GOES to a doctor once a year for an examination (go)

25. They WERE TALKING about me when I interrupted their conversation. (talk)

26. Nothing much HAPPENED when I got to the meeting (happen).

27. My parents WILL BE in New York two weeks from today (be).

28. I MADE two mistakes in the last quiz. (make)

29. Unfortunately, our team HADN´T WON any games last year. (not win)

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