Tenses 2º

This are another exercises that we had to do for Language

Miss Thitu Ogola 1) IS (be)  a young teacher who 2)GOT(get) her first teaching job at the age of 21. She 3)IS SHARING(share) an apartment at 21 Rift Avenue, Bondo, Kenya, with another teacher at the moment. It is quite near to the school at which she now 4)IS TEACHING(teach) and very convenient.

Miss Ogola 5)HAD(have) to travel a long distance to MountPleasant School, and so after a year she 6)APPLIED(apply)for a post at Greenfields School. She 7)HAS now nearly FINISHED ( finish) a year of teaching there. Miss Ogola was very surprised to find that there was no drama club at Greenfields School and so she started one for pupils aged 15 to 16 years. It is now nearly time for their first production to be shown to parents and staff.

On Monday 16th April 2010 Miss Ogola 8)CONDUCTED (conduct)  a rehearsal in the school hall after lunch atabout 1.00 pm when a very unfortunate accident occurred. Dafina Magembe, who has an importantdancing role in the show,  9)LOST (lose) her balance and fell against a metal street lamp which was part of the scenery. Her friend, Busara Ndunyu, who was next to her when the accident happened, said that she saw Dafina’s head 10)HIT (hit) the lamp and she fell to the floor. Miss Ogola ran to help Dafina who was rather shocked and upset. Miss Ogola then called the school nurse who 11)TOOK(take) Dafina to her room where she was able to treat her and check that no other harm12) WAS DONE(do). The nurse 13)CALLED (call) Dafina’s mother on her mobile phone,number 00846342, and 14) ASKED(ask) her to come and collect her daughter so that she 15)COULD  (can) go home and rest. The nurse said that Dafina would be fine for the final rehearsal the following Wednesday.

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