Essay Literature 11/10

Explore past memories in “Horses” and “Pike”.


Both “Pike” and “Horses” are based on memories of the voices. In this writing I will analyse these poems and their stories.

In “Pike” the voice remembered once he went on a fishing trip to a pond. He saw this fish and his soul filled in fear, “With the hair frozen on my head”. He described it as a killer, as an evil figure. “Killers from the egg: the malevolent aged grin”. But also he described it as elegant and respectable, “over a bed of emerald”. This quote describes the place where the Pike rests as gold, very expensive, because the voice wants o highlight that the Pike is really elegant. After he left, he liked the fish. It made sense. There was a fight he remembered…”one jumped past it`s gills down the other`s gullet”. That memory revealed that they are irrational, so they don´t think what they do. But we are rational, and we keep fishing and entering as enemies to nature. He liked the fish although it was dangerous…”The jaws hooked”.

In “Horses” it mostly happens the same. He, the writer, remembers when he lived in the country. He lived surrounded by horses but he feared them. “They seemed terrible”…”wild and strange”…Through the poem he mentions the use of the horses in the past. Those are memories too. “Turned the field to brown” They were used to work the land. Later horses were replaced by machines and he misses them. He doesn´t remember them very much, and the memory fades…”ah, now it fades! It fades! And I must pine”…”They were bright and fearful presences to me”. He was afraid but he felt curious, he liked them.

In conclusion, both poems deal with past memories of the voices. Past memories that they do not want to forget. Memories that had a message.

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