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History Source Analysis

In History we made groups of 2 to scan with a QR code a source of a topic seen in class. For example positive aspects of the 20s boom or The Depression in the USA, inter alia. Me and Agos had the Nazi Germany source, so we joined with Bauti, Tomás, Pancho and Agustin which had other pictures from the same topic. We put all the sources together in one photo and analysed them. Here is the analysis. Seguir leyendo History Source Analysis

Sudetenland 1938

We have been working with senior 3 on a new project about the causes of the Second World War. We had to summarise the Sudetenland conflict.

The Sudetenland was a new state created by the Treaty of Versailles which belonged to Czechoslovakia that used to be from Germany.

The Czechoslovakia leader, Edward Benes was against appeasement. He was horrified about the Anschluss. He thought that Czechoslovakia was Hitler´s next target. Chamberlain, Britain´s prime minister asked Hitler if he had any plans with Czechoslovakia, however Hitler assured he didn´t. Anyway, he secretly did.

After Henlein stirred up trouble among the Sudetenland Germans, Hitler made it clear that he would fight Czechoslovakia for the Sudetenland. Unlike Austria, Benes knew he had the support of Britain, France and the USSR against Hitler´s troops. This conflict brought a lot of tension in Europe during the summer.

In September, Chamberlein flew to meet Hitler as the problem had “reached crisis point”. At the end of the meeting, Hitler only demanded a part of the Sudetenland and only if there was a plebiscite that showed that Sudeten Germans wanted to join Germany. Chamberlain thought that this was a good idea.

However, after a few days, Hitler regreted what he had said and demanded all the Sudetenland. Hitler claimed that “the Czech government was mistreating the Germans in the Sudetenland”, so he wanted to “rescue them”. Chamberlain thought that this was a bit over the top and he was ready to mobilise his navy.

Finally, with Mussolini´s help a new meeting was held to discuss the situation. In the end it was decided to give Hitler what he wanted without the concentment of Czechoslovakia and USSR´s leaders.

The term that Hitler broke from the Treaty of Versailles was that he demanded a colony he had lost under the Treaty after the war.

The followings are 4 sources that we found on our Diigo group.

1. Czechoslovakia and the Sudetenland 

In this video it shows videos from the time and it explains with details the conflict.

2. Hitler visiting the Sudetenland in October 1938

In this video Hitler appears arriving to his visit to the Sudetenland. His fans and followers are shown very happy and showing a lot of respect to their fuhrer. He is welcomed by lots of Nazis who cheer him and clap him.

3. Hitler demands freedom from the Sudeten Germans

This is a very strong but short video that shows a part of the speech that Hitler gave saying that he would fight for the Sudeten Germans. It shows that Hitler had a lot of followers.

4. Neville Chamberlain returns from the Munich Agreement

In this video the British prime minister, Neville Chamberlain appears arriving Britain and reading the Munich Agreement to his people who are very excited and pleased. He shows himself as a man of pure peace.