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The Gang of One

The following is the summary I made of the chapter “Gang of One” from “Face”

It was Sunday. Martin had dreamt that he was a DJ and was playing at a party with all his friends present, Natalie and the Jamaican sistas. He hadn’t have any scars, his face was just as before the accident. Everyone was laughing and dancing ecstatically. Then Natalie came closer to him and whispered that he was beautiful. Martin woke up with Natalie’s voice echoing in his head.
Scene after this, Martin called Natalie to let her know that he was waiting for her to make her mind up and that she should tell him if she was ignoring him because of his face. Natalie seemed annoyed, confused and doubtful. She says that things and people change, that they will talk later and that she has to go.
After lunch Martin went for a walk to the park and was captured by a group of young lads. These children were very mean to Martin and shot him with words such as ‘monster’ or ‘dog face’ . Then someone shouted them to stop and they did, running away.
Finally, when he was returning home he saw Natalie kissing her partner from the hair commercial in a photo booth. This disappointed Martin very much and he walked what was left till the house mournfully.

Personal Opinion Paragraph -Face

In Language we finished reading Face and we started answering a reading guide in which we had to write a self-opinion paragraph. This was the task I chose.

What possible teachings can we derive from the story?

From the story, at least in my opinion, I learned the true meaning of friendship. Hanging out with someone and laughing and joking builds a good friendship but being there through bad and good times, through sunny and stormy days, that makes an ideal brother/sisterhood. I also learnt that appearances are not everything, that they sometimes lie or show off too much. Of course a person can like someone at first sight because of the external features but that is not what all the person is about. This leads to the next lesson this book gave me which is self-confidence and the way to achieve it. “How do you expect someone to like you, if you don’t even like yourself?”. The first step of everything throughout life is self-confidence, self-trust. It is not so easy to achieve it though, even in the adolescence when everything is so full of discrimination and prejudices. But of course, if it was achieved, all those bad habits would disappear since they act like a second reflex of insecurity. Martin called himself an “educator”. His lesson reached me, and I hope it reaches other readers too.


An Introduction to Benjamin Zephanaiah

In Language we started reading “Face”, an incredible book written by Benjamin Zephanaiah.

In order to understand more the message of the book and know more about the writer we decided to look for his biography and facts of his life and someone found this VIDEO telling about who he is, his origins and what he wants to do with his life or is actually doing. Hope you like it!