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Vocabulary Work -Boy

Laura gave us a task that consisted in choosing at least 15 words from here and making clear examples that we can understand.

Untrustworthy: He is very untrustworthy, when you are about to tell a secret, don´t count on him.

Self-centered: Is boring to be with him, he is always talking about himself, he is very self-centered.

Coward: If you are looking for someone to do a dangerous thing, don´t count on them because they are very coward.

Moody: She is always in a bad mood, she is very moody.

Stocky: He is very stocky.

Weak-willed: He never wants to help or do something you ask him. He is very weak-willed.

Considerate: She is very considerate, she is always thinking and caring about the other people.

Smart: He is very intelligent, he is the best at mathematics, he is very smart.

Gullible: If you tell him that your mother is Madonna he will believe you, he is very gullible.

Old-hag: She is old-hag.

Practical: When she does something she does it original easy, she is very practical.

Plump: She is fat in a polite way. She is very plump.

Hard-working: They always work hard, they are very hard-working.

Emotionable: He exaggerates with his emotions, he is very emotionable.

Nasty: She is disgusting, which is like saying that she is nasty.


Journal of Friendship

What is really important for me in a friendship is to be honest, generous, to trust and, over all, to have fun when the friends are together.

The qualities in a friend that I value more highly are when you know that you can trust and you tell everything to a friend. Like as if it was your own diary. But also what you have to do is to hear, and is very important because the frienship is not only about you. Another thing is to have fun when both friends are together. After all, is your friend and you have to  be entertained with your friendship. You also don´t have to lie or talk bad about your friend and if you have a problem with your friend you must tell her/him immediatly because is your friend and you have to be like sisters or brothers. Very close to each other.