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Quiz: An Astrologer’s Day

Today un Language we discussed the story we read, “An Astrologer’s Day” and   answered some questions Pilar copied. These are my answers.

1) The Astrologer was an Indian man. “His forehead was resplendent with sacred ash and vermellion…” His eyes were placed in the middle of his forehead and they had an abnormal gleam. He weared a turban around his head. He was a standard man with a wife and a child to feed. He wasn’t a bad man. He had escaped from his birth town because of something he had done in his young years. He had mostly killed a man. But one day working, he found out that he hadn’t killed him. He told this man to travel to the north 2 days and never come back and never told him that he was the one his client was looking for. I sympathize with him because as the almost-death happened many years ago, it wouldn’t be useful to tell him. And also because he was looking for him. So it was okay.

2) In the story I can find some ironic elements such as when the Astrologer insists to the stranger to sit and talk to him. He doesn’t know that this man is the one he almost killed and he is wanting to talk to him when if this person realized who the Astrologer was, he would  be in big trouble. Also it is ironic when the stranger insists on that the Astrologer must prove if he really can see the truth. The Astrologer can’t guess the truth but at this part of the story he already noticed who this man was.

3) The story is set in India and I noticed due to the fact that the writer is Indian, the description of the place in the story. “A variety of trades and occupations…” And because of the strange words like “palmyra” (which, by the way, it’s where Indian people write), “cowrie shells”, ” dahlia stalks”, etcetera…

4) Gleam: A brief beam or flash of light.
To be well disposed: disposed to be kindly, friendly or sympathetic.

Paraphernalie: The articles used in a particular activity; equipment
To look careworn: showing the effect of grief or anxiety
To feel piquedfeeling of wounded pride.
BluffTo impress, deter, or intimidate by a false display of confidence.
To hoot: The cry of an owl
CherootA cigar with square-cut ends.
To mutter a few incantationsthe chanting or uttering of words purporting to have magical power.
To peep:To look through the key hole of a door spying
A punch of: [what your hand can hold] of
Jaggerya coarse brown sugar made in the East Indies from the sap ofthe date palm
Pyol: porch