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Dumb Martian -Test

We had to choose two questions to do from Pilar´s Blog to do the test. Here are mine´s.

4. Where in the short story is Duncan’s verbal and physical abuse of Lellie at its worst? Discuss the incident.

For me the worst part of Duncan´s abuses is when he says to Leille that she has to speak well the letter S. “Oh, for-can´t you hear the difference? S-s-s, not th-th-th. Ye-sss” This is said by Duncan when he tries to teach Leille. He speaks with very angry manners and with a furious and violent tone. The martian tried her best but anyway, she couldn´t achieve what he wanted so Duncan hitted her face very violently and hardly strong. “His hand slapped across her face harder than he had intented […] and sent her sailing across the room in a spin of arms and legs.” This was really violent and anoying. This would leave Leille a physical and verbal abuse recorded in her mind forever. 


6.“She was a dumb Mart”. This phrase is repeated often throughout the story. Do you agree?

I don´t agree on saying that Leille was a dumb Mart. Neither other characters from the story agree. Such as the agent at the beggining of the story when he says “[…] but they were a mighty clever people once” or Mr. Winter “Yes, Leille is a Mart […] but dumb? she certainly is not”. I think Leille is really intelligent. She learnt to read, write and other stuff very quickly and fast. Actually, she made an elaborated plan at the end of the story to end with Duncan´s life. And she did it very well indeed.