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Nutrition in Plants

This time we will be studying in Biology the unit Plants. (source)

Unit:  Plants

Topics:  -Nutrition  






– Leaf structure: external and internal

– Photosynthesis

Study Link

pages 47-49

VIRTUAL LAB: Investigating the rate of photosynthesis 

Bubbles are given off by the plant through Photosynthesis. By measuring the rate at which the bubbles are produced it is possible to tell how fast the plant is photosynthesizing.

a-Record your results on a suitable table.

b- Write down your conclusion.

Endocrine System

Today, in our biology class we learnt about the endocrine system. We had to do some activities and we did it in groups. I was with Cata Rela and Tomi Borda. Here is our work 🙂

  1. Hormones are chemical substances that help to regulate processes in the body.
  2. Glands that secrete hormones:


3. Effects of Adrenaline: Prepares body for action – ‘fight or flight’.

Adrenaline is the hormone secreted in ‘fight or flight’ situations. It’s secreted when you are frightened, excited or keyed up. Adrenaline effects could be: increased breathing, increased pulse rate, widened pupils, increased blood glucose concentration and increased pulse rate. These people are secreting adrenaline since they are in an exciting situation in which they have to act quickly.