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Pike (vocabulary)

This are some words that I didn´t understood from the poem «Pike» . Pato asked us to look them up in the dictionary and post them.

Pike: Large, predatory freshwater fish.

Tigering: Making stripes like a tiger´s skin.

Grin: To smile showing your teeth.

Stunned: Very shocked or upset, especially so that you are unable to act normally.

Grandeur: The important or high position that someone has in society.

Emerald: A bright green stone used in expensive jewellery.

 Lily pads:  The large round leaf of a water lily that floats on water.

Gloom: The feeling of having no hope.

Hooked: Shaped like a hook.

Clamp: To put or hold something firmly in position.

Fang: One of the long pointed teeth that some animals have, for example snakes, dogs, and tigers.

Subdued: Quiet and slightly sad or worried.

Gills: One of the organs behind the head of a fish that allows it to breathe.

Kneading: To prepare dough or clay by pressing it continuously.

Fry: Newly hatched fish.