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Summary Story

Pilar told us to write a summary of a story. Here is my summary, Sol Di Liscia´s and Tomas Borda´s.

At the next morning the man went away to another village after he slept in the town. When he was going, he saw a road that crossed the countryside and would take him to the village. In a moment he heard a noise and he thought that it was from a car engine. But suddenly a plane appeard out of control. The plane in a moment crushed and the man runned to help the people inside.

Five Tips to Make a Good Oral Presentation

Pilar, our writing & oral teacher, asked us to post 5 tips for a succesful oral. Here are my tips:

1. Look for a text that you can understand and interpret.

2. Prepare a summary with your own words or with some short sentences to guide you.

3. When you read it, open your mouth big and modulate as you say it aloud.

4. Before ending the oral, say your own comments with your words about the new or text.

5. Don´t be so shy when giving the speech because that makes it worse.

Good Luck!

Writing Contrasting Pieces.

Pilar asked us to contrast a writing from another classmate and I chose Bautista´s writing.

I met Franco 5 or 6 years ago. He wasn´t a really good friend of mine. And our parents kept fighting all the time.

He wasn´t so tall and he had horrible brown hair which he never washed. His nose was really big. He played football really bad, but everyone liked it, I don´t know why.

Franco always told jokes which were really aggressive or without sense. He loved to play playstation. He travelled a lot and when he came he brought everyone a present except for me. You couldn´t trust him because he always revealed secrets.

I became really happy when he went on a trip because he wasn´t near and I hated him. I would like to forget him someday.